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It’s Your Day

Our goal is to simply enhance your special occasion with great music and fun.  MTEs' DJ performances are always tastefully done with class, just as you would expect. 


The Disc Jockey/Emcee

Experience of the entertainer is crucial in order to have a successful event.  It is extremely important that the DJ has knowledge of all types of music and knows when the appropriate time is to play it. 

MTEs' disc jockeys are able to read the crowd and ready to mix it up to ensure that all your guests are enjoying themselves.  When doing your wedding, we will go over all of the names and announcements with you ahead of time to ensure we get it right the first time!


Music Database

We will always have the music that is needed to please every age group.  Our Catalogs range from Big Band sounds of the 40’s to the current popular dance music of today. 

You may even exclude a particular style of music or series of songs from your event.  This is known as a "DO NOT PLAY  LIST".  Can't seem to find the right song?  We have suggestions for all types of functions available on our special music list. 

We will provide you with a Music Outline to help with planning the musical details for your event.

Our Sound Systems

Sound systems are professional grade equipment designed to allow us to play at a level that is clear, clean, and not offensive, so you will feel and enjoy the experience and atmosphere of your event.  Disc jockey entertainment is far more than just playing music, it is keeping the energy up and dancing going to the end. This element is what sets us apart from the rest.

MTE's Reputation

Excellent relationships with the top vendors throughout Roanoke, Blacksburg, Smith Mountain Lake and surrounding areas.

We successfully work together to create the perfect team on the day of your event. Whenever an event deserves the finest entertainment, you can count on Master Taylor Entertainment to deliver!

Questions to ask when hiring a DJ for your event​.

1. Years of experience DJing/entertaining?  5+ on a regular bases is what you are looking for. MTE has over 20 years in DJing and event services experience.

2.  Can you schedule a face to face meeting with your DJ prior to  initiating the contract to see if they are the right fit for you. MTE always request a face to face with our clients.

3.  Is there a contractual agreement involved?  This is important to be secured your DJ will show and is serious.

4.  Is your DJ licensed and insured?  This protects you and the venue in case of any accidents. MTE is licensed and insured.

5. What type of events does your DJ normally do? A club DJ vs. a wedding or event DJ  makes a world of difference on the type event you are having. MTE DJs specialize in weddings and special events.

6.  What type of equipment  does your DJ have? Professional vs. off brand gear makes a big difference in the quality of sound for the size room you are in. MTE will do a site visit to determine the equipment needed.

7.  Does your DJ come with all the equipment needed for your event?  MTE professional DJs comes all inclusive with their gear and have back up gear just in case it's needed.

8.  How early does your DJ arrive to your event  to set up? MTE arrives 2+ hours  to your event to  neatly set up, sound check and be ready to go when its time.

9.  Will your DJ play longer if requested?  For a small additional hourly fee, MTE will play as long as you need us to.

10.  What happens if the contracted DJ can not make it to your event due to illness or other acts of God? will there be a qualified replacement?  MTE has a total of 5 qualified DJs to serve our clients during good and replacement times.

When planning your special day, don't settle for less when you can have the best!

Call MTE today to find out more.


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